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BALANCE. I really believe that life is all about balance. Being an attorney is not WHO I am; it's

what I DO. To love and maintain a passion for the work that I do daily, it is necessary to strike a

balance in all aspects of my life, faith, family, friends, and sanity. lol   

So, who am I? I'm a husband, father, son, and friend. I've learned a few things over the years,

especially the last 7 years, to make life better, not grumpier.  I will share them with you:


1.   Focus on what's important to you and not what others want for you.  Only you can determine

your true purpose in life; it's not a group project.


2.   Life can change in an instant.  As the country song says: "we make our plans, and we hear

God laughing." So take that vacation, drink that wine, start that business, and love yourself.  If

you don't love yourself, you will not believe others when they tell you how much they love and

care for you.


3.   Life will throw lemons, sometimes even bricks at you, be flexible (and duck).  Know this; you

are not the only person going through tough times.  Life is not picking on you, so don't be a

victim or adopt a victim mentality. Choose to take action, pave a path, have a back-up plan, and

maybe even a back-up plan for your back-up plan. Never quit!


4.   ED-ism:  Life will pass you by sooner than you expect. If you live, focusing solely on your image and what other people think of you, you will never be free to express yourself, live, and

determine your true purpose.




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